update includes:

* added note field to event registrations
* added arrow button to move calendar controls above or below the main calendar
* added "all" and "none" buttons after the "other calendar" checkboxes on the main calendar
* added option to show month view for upcoming events on login page
* changed month view to show dates and events before and after the month
* added "announce only" mail list option
* added footer/signature option to mail lists
* added outside subscriber option to mail lists, with setting for whether or not they can post
* split task selection into group+task
* added monthly reports by group and people
* added the ability to embed pages from outside the site, with the top menu bar (n.b. they must be HTTPS pages)
* changed button text "add link" and "unlink" to "add" and "remove" for records that contain links to other records (e.g. members of a group)
* added popup links to people in events, groups and news feed