• the list of groups on the left of group pages has been moved to the top menu
  • added "View Inactive Group" item to the bottom of the groups menu


  • added a module to allow users to add invoices by reporting usage, e.g. laundry washes + dries
  • added ability to view Household Account balances for a particular date
  • added option to export transactions, it's in the Other section on the Accounting page


  • added option to track by quarters instead of months
  • added ability to gift hours to others
  • added options for setting required hours and maximum carry over hours (i.e. hours bank)


  • added module for allowing custom lists to be associated with groups
  • only basic support for now, will add ability to design and modify list schemas in the future

Time Zones

  • added an option in Settings for users to set their time zones. This is for people who live in or are traveling in a time zone different than the one for the site. This changes the times for events on calendars.


  • popup menus no longer appear automatically when you mouse over them and no longer disappear when you mouse out of them. So to sort tables by a column, users must now click on the column head instead of mousing over it.
  • added a Skills list to Settings for users. Currently they can be viewed on the Time Bank page. May add them to the Work page and other places in the future.
  • calendar events are now rich text so links and styling can be added

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