The Groups Page has been redesigned to be simpler and to work better with smaller devices. The list of groups now slides out of the way when a group is selected. Click the arrow to the left of the group name to slide the list back in. When viewing a group, there is now a list of items for the group that may be viewed one at a time. The available items include documents, minutes, people and web sites. The mandate option is only shown if the group has a mandate. A new calendar item has been added for groups that have calendars. The email item now shows the full archive view if the group has an email list.

More options have been added to the Calendars on the Edit Site page. You can now also control which data items for events are shown on the calendars. By default, most calendars show "time", "location" and "event". You can change that list with other items like "category", "notes", and "posted by". You can also now set which items will be shown in a popup when the user mouses over events, which can give quick info so the user doesn't have to click on the event to view its details. The common meal calendar has the items "cook", "jobs", "location", "menu", "open/closed", "time", and "title", and guest room calendars have the items "location", "notes", "posted by", and "time".