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Announcements of new features and changes.


  • calendars can be configured to support uploading file attachments to events
  • calendars with start and end times now check for being out of order
  • calendars can now be set to check for locations already being booked
  • added an option for adding a "guest" field to Guest Room calendars
  • s...

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  • photos on the Pictures page can now be grouped into galleries
  • photos on the Pictures page now use a larger thumbnail size
  • you can now scroll down the Pictures page for new photos instead of clicking on a "next page" button
  • the ability to add and edit pictures can now be restricted t...

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  • calendar categories can now have colors. When editing the categories list for a calendar (pencil icon next to the category popup while editing an event), there is now a color field. Clicking on the field will pop up a color picker.
  • added option to delete a single date from a repeating...

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  • you can now embed read only view of calendars on other sites
  • users can now subscribe to calendars from icalendar apps/devices (e.g. smart phones)
  • added a popup to event reminder dialog where users can optionally pick an email list to send the reminder to
Mail Lists
  • mail lists can...

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The following changes are included in today's update:


  • group reports now include people signed up for group jobs
  • documents in group pages now arranged by type same as on main docs page
  • users can no longer edit the member list for groups they belong to

Mail Lists

  • posts can now be se...

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